PowerDNS Admin

Please note: This project is outdated and not developed any further.

This is PowerDNS Admin, a Grails based Web-UI tool, for managing DNS zones. It works with the PowerDNS DNS Server when using a MySQL or PostgreSQL backend. It requires a Java Servlet Container (eg. Tomcat or Jetty) to run. I started this project to learn Grails.

The web-interface is intentionally made as simple as possible, and I have tried to make it functional for mobile/touch devices.



PowerDNS Admin is still in early development and as such, it not suited for production yet. You are welcome to download the development version below and give it a try.

  • 2014-02-19: PowerDNS_Admin-0.5 – updated to grails 2.3.6 and moved the external configuration file into “classpath”

Please see the PowerDNS Admin Wiki for installation instructions.


Missing before v1

  • Option to enable/disable registrations by users
  • Skinning of the user profile and settings pages

Roadmap / New Features

In no particular order…

  • Proper IPv6 Support (validation issue)
  • Status page displaying useful information
  • Auto create/update reverse PTR records
  • Support for bulk domain creation
  • Support for domain templates
  • DNSSec Support
  • OpenID Support?