VNC Viewer built into OS X

Have you ever searched for a VNC viewer app for OSX? I have, and the ones I found were not very good. It turns out there’s a built in VNC viewer in OS X (since version 10.4), used for OS X’s own screen sharing. How cool is that? I found the information about it here.

Introduction to Puppet

I have written this introduction to Puppet because I needed to explain how Puppet works. I will try to update it with more information when I have time. I strongly suggest that you read the official Puppet documentation to learn about the language syntax, which is something I don’t explain at all. For people that … [Read more…]

PowerDNS Admin v. 0.3.5

I have updated my PowerDNS Admin tool. The update mainly includes small changes to the UI to support mobile devices better, and includes more informative error messages. PowerDNS_Admin-0.3.5